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  • Testosterone Suspension

    Are you preparing for a bodybuilding show? Are you anxious about the possibility of being tested for performance enhancing drugs? Let’s face it – most bodybuilders, even in natural federations – use steroids.

  • Fat Burning

    Tren is a great fat burner and therefore, you can use it both on and off season. How it works is that it burns fat through a rise in IGF and prostaglandins.

  • Dianabol Dosage

    The chemical name for Dianabol is methanedienone or methandrostenolone, and there are several generic and pharmaceutical varieties such as Naposim and Anabol.

Testosterone Suspension

Are you preparing for a bodybuilding show? Are you anxious about the possibility of being tested for performance enhancing drugs? Let’s face it – most bodybuilders, even in natural federations – use steroids for all or part of the years. Moral dilemmas aside, if you do choose to use them, then Testosterone Suspension is going to be one of the best anabolic steroids you can use to stay big, muscular and lean – and keep your test level high – without detection.

Testosterone Suspension is only active in the body for a day or so, but that also means it is only detectable for a day or so as well. It is essentially the same testosterone you enjoy from compounds such as Sustanon, without the pesky oil suspending your drug. Rather, it arrives floating in water. This means the testosterone is absorbed into your bloodstream and muscle quite rapidly.

testosterone suspension

Interestingly, Testosterone Suspension has been around for 80 years. And in that time, not a single drug has surpassed it in simple terms of the addition of muscle to the body fast. Its use does involve DAILY shots, which may be a turn-off to users with a phobia of needles. It’s not going to be easy to sit down at your work cubicle all day with 30 shoot zones in your rear end from the last month of use!

Testosterone Suspension is a painful shot, nobody denies that! Your dose of 350 mg per week can be taken all at once, or split into 7 smaller doses of 50 mg. It’s your prerogative for the most effective use of the drug, coupled with just how comfortable you are taking shots. When you stare at the needle ready for injection, it will actually resemble a 1970s lava lamp – water and drug swirling together. However, once it enters your body, barring the 30 seconds of brutal pain, you will be fine.

Testosterone Suspension is a very highly anabolic AND androgenic drug, which give it a 100/100 ratio and does make it one of the best anabolic steroids. Users see increases in IGF-1, blood oxygen levels, red blood cell count, and nitrogen levels. Users of Testosterone Suspension can train longer and harder without fail, and recover faster from each workout than the last! Protein uptake increases, meaning your body will suddenly be able to make use of 400 grams of protein per day instead of only 200 or 250 mg. Fat loss will skyrocket as well, as users see a hardening of their body even if they haven’t adjusted their diet a bit. And if you use Testosterone Suspension, you will probably WANT to train more. Users often find the time for a second workout many days!

If you are an advanced steroid user with a few cycles under your belt, then you should give Testosterone Suspension a shot. It’s a painful shot, no doubt, but the results cannot be denied. You will become bigger, stronger, and harder than you’ve ever been in your life! Stack it with Deca-Durabolin for an extra special treat!

Anabolic Steroids – Building a Better Bodybuilder

When you buy steroids online, you need to be aware of what you are purchasing. Not every drug is going to give you the effects that you want in your chosen timeframe. Before you buy steroids, you should do some research and find the steroid regimen that is right for you. Some of the most common types offered are Winstrol, Dianabol and Sustanon. All three are very well known and effective anabolic steroids and all three have their advantages and disadvantages, some of which will be discussed below.


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