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    Tren is a great fat burner and therefore, you can use it both on and off season. How it works is that it burns fat through a rise in IGF and prostaglandins.

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Testosterona C

Testosterona C

Administration: Injection
Active ingredient: Testosterone Cypionate
Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
Amount: 1 X 10 amps (200 mg/ml)

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  • Testosterona C how does it works?

    Drug Class: Injectable Anabolic Steroid
    Pharmaceutical Name: Testoxyl Cypionate
    Chemical Name: Testosterone Cypionate
    Chemical Abstract Name: (17β)-3-Oxoandrost-4-en-17-yl 3-cyclopentylpropanoate
    Molecular Structure: C27H40O3
    Molecular Weight: 412.6047 g/mol
    Active Half Life: 15-17 Days
    Dosage: Men 200-800 mg/week
    Acne: Yes
    Water retention: Yes, high
    High blood pressure: Perhaps
    Hepatotoxicity: Low, except in mega dosages
    Aromatization: Yes, high
    DHT Conversion: Yes, high
    Cycle: Bulk
    Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Testes-Axis suppression: Severe
    Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
    Country: Europe
    Presentation: Testosterona C for sale - 1 x 10 ml х 200 mg

    Buy Testosterona C Online | Testosterone Cypionate for Sale

    Cypionate (also is known as Test Cyp) is identical to Enanthate. In spite of their dissimilar active life, these drugs are almost identical. Test Cyp is one of the best injectable anabolics among bodybuilders and athletes, why for this reason is cost effectual too. This drug works perfect either single or mixed to produce an extraordinary bulking cycle. Testosterone C has high probability of side effects because of its transformation to dihydro Testosterone C and has possibilities to form oestrogen, producing gynecomastia. In addition such characteristic causes exceptional mass building trend. Because of water retention, it isn’t the most useful taken singly steroid to lose weight. In bulking cycles it comes as the supplement of muscle tissue.

    Testosterone Cypionate effects

    Testosterona C is a long-lasting, single organic compound Testosterone product. This drug is traditionally used single time per week, which provokes the lowest dosage higher than partially the peak dose. Each testosterone, as the best among bodybuilders and athletes, are cost effective products.

    Testosterone Cypionate dosage and cycle

    Testosterona C is perfect option for steroid novices. An easy cycle compound of 500 mg/weekly of Test Cyp for 7-10 days, with typical PCT, makes from it a quality first cycle and can produce fantastic muscle tissue gain. In addition, for a 1st cycle, Enanthate or Cypionate, are generally preferred over Sustamed (Testosterones mix). For highest efficiency, each day or each other day injections of Sustamed (Testosterone mix) are normally administered.

    Testosterone C may be injectable anabolic used alone in the cycle. Drug activity is extraordinarily great, that is why other anabolics may only supplement it. Cypionate 200 mg is an excellent "partner" for most steroids and may be associated with everything because it isn’t associated with only to the androgen receptor, but also it has a strong non-genomic activity. Best results are reached when bodybuilders take it with Nandrolone Decanoate or Phenylpropionate, Danabol / Methandienone, or Anapolon / Oxymetholone.

    Although, when Testosterone is mixed with Buy Primobol Tablets, Trenbolone, Boldenone or Oxandrolone it may be reached excellent results in quality muscle issue gain.

    400 mg/weekly of Testosterona C + 400 mg/weekly of Nandrolone Decanoate + 40 mg/daily of Anapolon is basic compound for athletes for long period, because it every time provides impressive muscle growth. It will be the best for muscle tissue gain. The steroid novices must decrease the doses, and permanent have the anti-estrogen (Tamoxifen, Provimed, Clomed) on hand.

    Regularly, athletes take 200 - 800 mg/weekly of Test Cyp. In most cases 400-500 mg/weekly (average dosage) is the most effective. Dosage should be decreased to 200-400 mg/weekly if it’s associated with other steroids. Is advised to introduce Cypionate every seven days over period at least of six weeks. Maximal duration of the cycle reaches up to ten-twelve weeks.

    Test Cyp side effects

    Test Cyp may cause swelling, rapid weight gain, restless feeling, stomach pain, increased urination, acne, weakness, bone pain, headache, memory problems, loss of appetite, increased erection, numbness, nausea, increase in sex drive, depressed mood, breast swelling, increased thirst, anxiety, vomiting, confusion, male pattern baldness, muscle twitching, loss of appetite.

    Buy Testosterone Cypionate 200 mg

    At our steroid shop you can buy Testosterone Cypionate 200 mg Online without prescription. Cheap generic Testosterone C from legit online steroid pharmacy with worldwide fast shipping, different payment options and guaranteed on time delivery will make your order simple and pleasant

    Commercial Names: Cyp, Cypoject, Tcypion, Cypiobolic, Test Cyp, Cyponit, Testex, Cyte X, Cypio-Test, Testodex, Testocyp, Testoxyl, Testaplex, Testosterona, Testabol, Cypionax, Cypionat.

    Testosterona C - Testosterone Cypionate - Balkan Pharmaceuticals

    testosterona c for sale

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