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  • Testosterone Suspension

    Are you preparing for a bodybuilding show? Are you anxious about the possibility of being tested for performance enhancing drugs? Let’s face it – most bodybuilders, even in natural federations – use steroids.

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    Tren is a great fat burner and therefore, you can use it both on and off season. How it works is that it burns fat through a rise in IGF and prostaglandins.

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    The chemical name for Dianabol is methanedienone or methandrostenolone, and there are several generic and pharmaceutical varieties such as Naposim and Anabol.

Cypionat 250

Cypionat 250

Injectable Anabolic Steroid
Active ingredient: Testosterone Cypionate
Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma
Amount: 1 X 10 ml (250 mg/ml)

55.00 USD
  • Cypionat 250 how does it works?

    Drug Class: Injectable Anabolic Steroid
    Pharmaceutical Name: Cypionat
    Chemical Name: Testosterone Cypionate
    Chemical Abstract Name: (17β)-3-Oxoandrost-4-en-17-yl 3-cyclopentylpropanoate
    Molecular Structure: C27H40O3
    Molecular Weight: 412.6047 g/mol
    Active Half Life: 15-16 days
    Dosage: Men 250-1000 mg/week
    Acne: Yes
    Water retention: Yes
    High blood pressure: Perhaps
    Hepatotoxicity: No
    Aromatization: Yes
    Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Testes-Axis suppression: Severe
    DHT Conversion: High
    Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma
    Country: Europe
    Presentation: Cypionat 250 for sale - 1 x 10 ml х 250 mg

    Buy Cypionat 250 Online | Testosterone Cypionate for Sale

    Cypionat 250 by Dragon Pharma represents anabolic/androgenic steroid for intramuscular use, which contains 2000mg per 10 ml of the testosterone cypionate and is offered in a one 10 ml vial. Cypionat 250 is the vegetable oil-soluble 17betacyclopentylpropionate ester of the anabolic hormone testosterone. It is worth nothing that Cypionat 250 is very similar with Enantat 250. Compound of this active ingredient is very important for male. Testosterone responds for the male sex organs growth and development and it also is responsible for maintenance of secondary sex characteristics. Due to such features may be reached the following result:

    1. growth of penis, prostate, scrotum and maturation of seminal vesicles;

    2. growth and development of hair distribution (pubic, beard, chest hair);

    3. fat distribution, laryngeal enlargement, alterations in body musculature, vocal cord thickening and other.

    Cypionat 250 Injection Dosage and Cycle

    Cypionat 250 aromatizes, and sensitive users at the end of cycle, who take this drug in high dosages may encounter negative side effects and estrogen buildup. Therefore, when using Cypionate injection bodybuilders should always stack this drug with an anti-estrogen, such as Nolvaxyl, Proviroxyl and Arimixyl, to keep the estrogen side effects at a low rate. Advanced bodybuilders that take huge dosages of Cypionat 250 prefer to combine this drug with Exemestane / Aromaxyl or Letrozol / Letroxyl.

    Athletes, that intends to bulk up usually mix Cypionat 250 with injectable steroids such as Nandrolone Decanoate and/or Equipoise. For more efficient result, to this compound may be added tablets of Methandienone / Dianabol or Oxymetholone. Those athletes, who look to buy Cypionate and to take it during cutting phase, would prefer to stack this drug with Trenbolone along with tablets of Stanozolol or Oxandroxyl.

    At cycle’s end is advised for athletes to take combination of Clomid, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) or Tamoxiphene for period about 3-4 wks. This compound of drugs helps effectively to restore pituitary gland and testes functionality, because Cypionat 250 decreases natural production of body’s testosterone.

    Male athlete’s dosages may be in the range of 500 - 1250 mg per week depending of the aims and duration of cycle (8-20 wks). Female athletes also may take Cypionat 250, but at small dosages 50-100 mg per week. To keep the hormone level in the blood at a normal rate is enough to take Cypionate injection 2 times per week

    Cypionat 250 Side Effects

    Cypionat 250 has similar Side effects as almost all anabolic steroids. After using it may appear aggressiveness, water retention, increased blood pressure and back acne and other. Cypionate injection is liver toxic it is used at high doses for a long period of time.

    Buy Cypionat 250

    Buy Cypionat 250 long-lasting Testosterone ester in injectable form with wholesale price. Cypionat 250 injection for hot sale now at legit online steroid store!

    Commercial Names: Cypionax, Cypiobolic, Cyponit, Cypionat, Testocyp, Testoxyl, Cyte X, Cypoject, Testaplex, Testodex, Tcypion, Testabol, Cypio-Test, Cyp, Test Cyp, Testex, Testosterona.

    Cypionat 250 - Testosterone Cypionate - Dragon Pharma

    cypionat 250 for sale

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Online Cypionat 250 Reviews

  • Dec 13, 2016 (12:41)

    gained 5 lbs first week and 9 lbs by the second with my cypionate

  • Jul 19, 2016 (09:33)

    I was way stressed about being scammed and I research the hell out of everything before I pull the trigger. Very professional and Legit. Received my order in 11 total days. Very surprised and impressed with the level of discreteness used for shipping. It was enough to where my mom said, "Here, you got some mail." It really was unexpected. You will see. Started my cycle today of Test Cyp. stacked with Dianabol and Nolvadex to fight off estrogen effects. Will get back in 5 weeks or so w/ results.

  • May 5, 2016 (14:31)

    Took 12 days to get my test cypionate, but came thru. Package looked just like a post card, very satisfied with product and service.

  • Apr 22, 2016 (09:37)

    Received vials in 1 week. Haven’t tried yet, but everything looks legit. You guys are GREAT and I will be a dedicated customer for a very long time-Keep up the GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!!

  • Jul 2, 2015 (07:56)

    Nice discreet packaging. Products arrived withing 2 weeks to me in USA. Prices are ridicoulosly cheaper than other sites. Highly Recommended. Will do business again.

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