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Androgenic Steroidal Agent (Oral)
Active ingredient: Mesterolone
Manufacturer: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals
Amount: 1 X 30 tabs (25 mg/tab)

30.00 USD
  • Proviroxyl how does it works?

    Drug Class: Oral Andogenic Steroidal Agent
    Pharmaceutical Name: Proviroxyl
    Chemical Name: Mesterolone
    Chemical Abstract Name: 1α-Methyl-17β-hydroxy-[5α]-androstan-3-one
    Molecular Structure: C20H32O2
    Molecular Weight: 304.467 g/mol
    Active Half Life: 8-12 Hours
    Dosage: 25-100 mg/day
    Acne: Unlikely
    Water retention: No
    High blood pressure: Unlikely
    Hepatotoxicity: Low
    Aromatization: No
    Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Testes-Axis suppression: None
    Detection Time: 5 weeks
    Manufacturer: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals
    Country: India
    Presentation: Proviroxyl for sale - 1 x 10 х 50 mg

    Buy Proviroxyl Online | Mesterolone for Sale

    Mesterolone presents an oral androgen steroid which enters in a group of drugs with anti-estrogenic activity. It blocks adrenal enzymes that convert androstenedione and estrone to estrogen and it also reduces circulating estrogen levels. So generaly, it helps athletes to reduce or even to escape the estrogen side effects caused by other steroids. Proviroxyl also is taken to cure sexual dysfunction, because of low level of testosterone. Proviroxyl also known as androgen Mesterolone, but which isn’t enough to build strong muscles. As a result it’s rapidly reduced to inactive metabolites in muscle mass.

    Proviroxyl Effects

    There are a lot of reasons that make Proviroxyl widely used by athletes. First of all, actually being oral anabolic it is not toxic to liver. One more positive thing to notice about this steroid is that by adding Proviroxyl to natural androgen levels produces libido improvement. This medicine is advised for regularly usage to reduce SHBG in the body and maintain sex drive. Also, due to androgenic features in some cases Proviroxyl allows to reach more defined look and hardness of muscles.

    Proviroxyl gives good effect in the treatment irritability, disorders of libido and sexual dysfunction, lack of concentration, recovery from poor memory. Proviroxyl is preferred in a period wherein highly aromatizable drugs like Testosterone, Nandrolone, Anapalon are used in high dosage, and may cause gynecomastia and excessive water retention. Proviroxyl is a good to use as a post cycle therapy anabolic steroid, as it may hasten sperm production to cure sexual functions.

    When Proviroxyl is used under 100mg/daily, is generally well allowed and side effects are infrequent. Usually initial treatment is composed of 1-2 tablets 3 times per day, which can be reduced after few months.

    Proviroxyl Side Effects

    Probable side effects that may occur after using of Proviroxyl include acne, oily skin and body hair growth, pain in liver area, loss of appetite, aggression, diarrhea, enlarged prostate. People who decided to take this drug may do this with no doubt for a reason that there is no probability Proviroxyl to be counterfeits.

    Commercial Names: Proviroxyl, Mesviron 25, Drostanolone Enanthate (Masteron) 200, Vistimon, Proviron.

    Proviroxyl - Mesterolone - Kalpa Pharmaceuticals

    proviroxyl for sale

Online Proviroxyl Reviews

  • Dec 16, 2016 (10:09)

    These Proviron are 100% genuine, If you do need proof of this, i am happy to provide!

  • Nov 4, 2016 (09:43)

    Received my order within 10 days. Will be a long time customer. Some of the pills were broken but all in all everything was great. Thanks

  • Oct 20, 2016 (14:02)

    If you want a legit supplier, you have found it. I was a bit skeptical at first but thought I would give a try. My Proviroxyl was shipped on 10/12 and I received it today on October 20th. Thats amazing considering it traveled abroad. Packing was discreet as you can get, just as promised. You have got a loyal customer for life!

  • Jun 10, 2016 (09:14)

    Received my order in 9 days, rather quick and to my surprise I must say. Everything except one order of Proviron came in perfect condition, minor dilemma, otherwise very satisfied.

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