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Buy Winstrol 50 Online

Winstrol 50

Synthetic Anabolic Steroidal Agent
Active ingredient: Stanozolol
Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma
Amount: 1 X 100 tabs (50 mg/tab)

72.75 USD
  • Winstrol 50 how does it works?

    Drug Class: Oral Androgenic Anabolic Steroid
    Pharmaceutical Name: Winstrol
    Chemical Name: Stanozolol
    Chemical Abstract Name: 17α-Methyl-17β-hydroxy-[5α]-androst-2-eno[3,2-c]pyrazole
    Molecular Structure: C21H32N2O
    Molecular Weight: 328.49 g/mol
    Active Half Life: Around 7-12 hours
    Dosage: Men 30-80 mg per day; Women 5mg/day
    Acne: Yes
    Water retention: No
    High blood pressure: Perhaps
    Hepatotoxicity: Yes
    Aromatization: No
    Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Testes-Axis suppression: None
    Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma
    Country: Europe
    Presentation: Winstrol for sale - 1 x 100 х 50 mg

    Buy Stanozolol Online | Winstrol Tabs for Sale

    The active ingredient of Winstrol tabs is Stanozolol. Moreover Winstrol Tabs is one of the hottest and recognized oral steroid among athletes and bodybuilders. The main purpose why this anabolic steroid is so preferred by users is that Stanozolol does not convert to estrogen, and therefore anti-estrogens are not required on oral Winstrol cycle. Moreover, Winstrol does not retain water and does not lead to fat storage and gynecomastia.

    Winstrol tablets Dosage and Best Stacks

    The common daily dose of oral Winstrol is normally 30–80 mg per day. Generally, Winstrol is not used alone, most often athletes takes Stanozolol tablets in combination with different anabolic steroids, depending on individual wishes. Whether Testosterone, Methandienone (Dianabol) or Anapolon are mixed for bulking purposes. In these conditions, Winstrol Tabs will give your steroid cycle several benefits as great anabolic effect with less estrogenic side effects. Winstrol and Anavar (aka Oxandroxyl) combination provides great stamina, strength and quality muscle mass gains due to a low level of water retention and high anabolic effects. In addition, Winstrol Tabs can be taken in combination with Trenbolone (Parabolan / Trenaver) or Halotest. This combination is actually best for pre-contest preparation. The effect is a lean and extraordinarily defined muscle mass.

    Winstrol Tabs Side Effects

    Winstrol Tabs are 17-alpha-alkylated drugs, therefore, it is better to avoid high dosages for a long period of time. Because of the liver toxicity, it is advised that athletes would restrict their cycles up to 40-50 days or even less. If you would like to take Winstrol Tabs by Dragon Pharma for a longer period, you need to observe your liver values to make sure that there is no damage to this vital organ.

    Other possible side effects of Winstrol tabs are: aggravation of male pattern baldness, acne, prostate enlargement. As it has been mentioned above, to avoid dramatic negative side effects the dose and duration of cycle should be reduced.

    Buy Winstrol Tabs / Bulk Offer is a legit steroid supplier that offers most reasonable and special prices for Winstrol Tabs / 50 mg, manufactured by Dragon Pharma, on each bulk order. We are an official steroid source of Dragon Pharma, and will be glad to offer reduced prices for wholesale buyers. Purchase Winstrol tablets online right now, and take full advantages of our steroid shop, like discreet shipping, high quality brands, fast feedback and great customer service, lowest prices, free online consultation, fast delivery time and availability in stock.

    Commercial Names: Unistan Depot, Stanotrex, Stanabol, Rexobol, Stanoject, Menabol, Stanodex, Stanozolols, Stanol, Stanoxyl, Strombafort, Stano, Stromba Tablets, Stanobolic,Winstrol, Azolol, Winstrol Depot, Stromba, Winny, Strombaject, Androstanazol, Neurabol, Rexogin, Tanzol.

    Winstrol Tabs - Stanozolol - Dragon Pharma

    winstrol tabs for sale

Online Winstrol 50 Reviews

  • Mar 10, 2017 (11:53)

    First time using winstrol and was skeptical because of mixed reviews. I’m definitely a believer now and will always include winstrol with any of my cutting dieting cycles. I've been on a strict ckd diet the last 4 weeks and started taking winstrol from the start @ 50 mg per day pre workout. I actually gained a little strength while maintaining muscle size. But most noticeable is the vascularity. CRAZY!! Most noticeably in the midsection. Veins running all over my stomach. First time I've been this lean. Very impressed and definitely recommend. On a side note, winstrol has an effect on me that causes shortness of breath. I feel as im always wanting to yawn or take a deep breath and cant. I've read its uncommon but does happen to some people. Although its annoying, it lets me believe that the product is good. I've changed to another sources 50 mg winstrol since and have not had any of the same effects at a supposedly 100 mg a day.

  • Dec 1, 2016 (09:15)

    great seller, right on time and very honest. Awesome doing business with you. Thanks.

  • Nov 2, 2016 (11:12)

    Thanks, very fast shipping good stuff it take 7 buiness days very good dragon pharma yeah!!!

  • Oct 3, 2016 (12:48)

    Right was worried about being ripped off but everything was as it said. Took 2 weeks to come through. Thank you! Been taking 40mg of my WInstrol every other day for 2 weeks and have noticed a great difference in Vascularity in my arms and chest. It has given a great hard appearance in my forearms and biceps and gives really good pumps. Felt a bit anxious for the first few days as didn’t know what to expect (first time using roids) will be using for another 4 weeks and then come off for 6 weeks.

  • May 3, 2016 (14:52)

    Received my order in 11 days in perfect condition. I have been stacking winstrol tabs with cypionate, both purchased from this site. I have gained 20 pounds of rock hard muscle in just under 8 weeks, with minimal side effects. This site is awesome, 100% legit and real deal!

  • Jun 29, 2015 (08:21)

    I've made numerous orders in the past 8 months, and not once have they let me down. I will continue to order from them, because of the prices and the guaranteed delivery. Thanks team.

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